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Undergraduate Association of Computing Science,Student Representatives,Event Organizers,Community Builders,University of Alberta

About us

The Undergraduate Association of Computing Science (UACS) is a student group at the University of Alberta dedicated to representing our fellow computing science students. We're comprised of 10 elected executive council members that keep the group running on a day-to-day basis.

UACS is one of the oldest student groups on campus, having been founded in 1972 when the first-ever UACS President was elected. Since then, we've dedicated our time to representing student interests at select faculty meetings, giving students a glimpse of life after graduation with our Doughnut and Coffee Society events, and putting smiles on our classmates' faces with fundraising events like Buck-A-Burger and LAN parties!

We have on office on the main floor of the Computing Science Centre, located in CSC 1-40, which is typically open from 9am to 5pm on regular school days. Come stop by and say hello or send us an email at uacs@uacs.ca to learn more!

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Come say hi at one of our events!

New Student Orientation

Held within the first couple of weeks of class every September, this is an intro to Computing Science at the U of A and lots of other interesting clubs you may want to join!


The Doughnut and Coffee Society (DCS) is a monthly event where we bring in a speaker, buy some doughnuts and coffee, and learn what working in industry is like from a real-life industry worker.


Buck-A-Burger is one of our oldest traditions where we sell burgers near Quad for as cheap as possible to increase student morale. In the early 2000's, we could sell burgers for $1, which is where the name comes from!


Not a real class, but we think attendance is important all the same. Join us at RATT every Thursday at 5:00pm for some snacks and a good time. No homework allowed!

LAN Party

At the end of every term, we hold a LAN party to help you de-stress before exams. We pre-load lots of games on the lab machines, so no worries if you don't have your own setup. Play from the labs, or bring your desktop, console, or tabletop games. It's 24-hours of good times and we'll even bring in some pizza for cheap.

Programming Contest

Sign up to tackle challenges and win prizes! We have two divisions for all skill levels, including high school students. Watch our newsletter for more news leading up to the event.

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Meet the team

Our exec team is made up of 10 elected individuals.

Events Calendar

So you can stay up to date with all of our events.


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